Hi There!

I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to my WHY behind creating the Caring Leader Box. As an Assistant Principal, I know all too well the pressures of running a school. Between supporting staff, working with parents and students, and developing myself as a professional, keeping up with my own self-care can often be challenging. 

When I first became an AP, I easily went from working out in the gym sometimes twice a day, to paying the $10 fee just to freeze my membership. 5 years later, you know what? I have not seen the inside of a gym other than a handful of times. My membership is still frozen. Hindsight is 20/20 and I wish I never lost that piece of my identity. 

Recently, as we have navigated leadership through a pandemic, I have been on a quest to support educational  leaders through declining mental health and the frequent questioning if this is what we should be doing. I wanted to get something out there, in the hands of leaders who need to think back on who they are as individuals, not just their position. 

With the themes of self-care we will be working through, we will be able to engage in authentic discussions and reflections, together, to help each other get back to what brings us JOY outside of the building.